Firstly I just wanted to thank you for stumbling upon this blog post.

If you’re new here, my name is Ross and I’m a wedding photographer based in Shropshire. For the last 10 years I’ve traded as Ross Andrew Photography, and as of well, today – things may look a little different.

As many of you may know (especially if we’ve photographed your wedding, or followed us on social media for some time), my boyfriend Russ and I have been working together, well, the entirety of our relationship of 5 years. I was over the moon to discover that Russ and I shared an interest in Photography. In fact, the first time we met each other we had a spontaneous photoshoot together which some people may find a little strange, but for us, it felt completely natural. It was pretty poetic really, to fall in love with each other through the eye of a lens, and I guess couples that shoot together.. stay together?

Co-Owner of R&R Photography, Ross Powell

Over the past five years we’ve been fortunate to share a copious amount of experiences together, including purchasing our own house, travelling, and meeting new people – and it only felt right that as we do everything together, we finally merge our businesses and start trading under one roof.

So without further ado, and with a bittersweet sentiment, Ross Andrew Photography is no more. Having registered the business in 2013, I’m very proud of the growth both myself and the business achieved over the 10 years- and I can only thank everyone who trusted me to photograph their special days, express myself creatively, and sustain an income from my one of my biggest passions.

What’s changed?

Over the last few months we have been working away in the background to re-brand and re-launch Ross Andrew Photography as R&R Photography: from our website, social media and marketing materials to the legal back-end boring stuff. We’ve decided to strip our services back to strictly Weddings, Engagement shoots, and Photobooth Rentals. So as usual, if you or anyone you know is getting married – we would really appreciate you passing on our details and checking out our website!

Ross Andrew Photography as now rebranded to R&R Photography

What if I’ve booked with Ross Andrew Photography?

For those of you who currently have a wedding booked with Ross Andrew Photography, don’t worry – nothing will change! You may see our new logo on some documents, but everything else remains the same, and you’ll still be receiving excellent service and beautiful wedding images 😉

Likewise, for those of you who have a private gallery with us – these will remain viewable and again, nothing will change!

What does the future of R&R Photography look like?

Being in a long-term relationship, Russ and I have naturally had deep and meaningful conversations, so when starting a business officially together, it was a fairly easy process to establish what we stand for and what we want to achieve.

As empathetic and compassionate people, we pride ourselves on how we interact with our clients during a photoshoot, and putting ourselves in the shoes of our wedding clients. So our mission is:

To provide a professional, fun and enjoyable experience in front of the camera, as well as timeless images captivating all aspects of our clients wedding days.

To learn more about who we are as individuals, as well as our packages and pricing, click the button below:

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