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Co-Owners of R&R Photography, Ross Powell and Russ Opaleniks

Weddings are one of the most beautiful, memorable days of your life. We’re very passionate about captivating the memories, the laughs, and the all important vows to the best of our ability: so you can look back on your special day anytime you like, without missing a moment. We like to describe ourselves as “Not just Wedding Photographers”, we’re friends, a couple of spare pair of hands, friendly faces, tissue carriers and personal cheerleaders.

We try to stay unobtrusive, while maintaining a high quality of work- working together to document your story, on your special day. It’s really important to us as an individuals to make sure that you’re happy with your images as we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and high level of standards: which is why we try to keep our editing style as true-to-life and authentic as possible.

When securing the date by paying a deposit, you’ll receive a ’Shot Preference List’ which will help us create a plan of action for the big day. We’ll also discuss day plans and timings in more detail during our pre-wedding consultation. Usually we’ll grab a coffee somewhere for a chat, or schedule a Facetime/Virtual Meeting. You’ll receive correspondence throughout our time together, which will keep you informed, and guide you through the time we share working together.

We also completely understand that every Wedding is uniquely different, and all of our wedding packages ensure our personalised services on your special day. If you have any questions or queries regarding your Wedding, we are more than happy to personalise packages and discuss ideas- so be sure to ask away when reaching out!

Some Previous Work

Premium Wedding Package

£ 2,500 .00

50% Deposit Taken

  • 2 x Photographers
  • All day coverage from Morning Preparations until after Speeches & First dance
  • Pre-Wedding Consultation
  • The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Checklist Downloadable PDF
  • A Personalised, Private Online Gallery of All Edited Images – No minimum or maximum shot count, you will receive all of the edited images and can share your gallery with guests
  • Ability to order prints, canvas’ (including metal and mounted prints) via Gallery
  • 4 x A4 or below prints of your choice
  • 1 x A4 Landscape High Quality Photobook (Wedding Album)

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How does it work?

What does the process look like?

Before the Big Day:

You reach out using our contact form on our website, or through social media. We’ll then send you a quotation for review. Simply tick the services you’re interested in, and accept the quote. You’ll then receive an automated invoice for 50% of the total fee. Once paid, our availability is secured, and you will receive automatic payment reminders for two further 25% payments.

We’ll set up a meeting (usually a month before your big day) to talk through day plans and timings. We’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other a little more, and answer any questions or queries you may have. We’ll also go through your Shot Preference List (which we’ll send to you before our consultation), to give us an idea of what shots are important to you.

A week or so before the big day, we’ll check in to make sure nothing has changed at to confirm our arrival time. Of course, if there are any ideas or thoughts in the meantime, feel free to reach out (no matter how many weddings we photography, we love hearing all about it!)

Morning Preparations:

During your getting ready process, we’ll be photographing the details you may forget before the day is over! We tend to focus less on hung dresses and suits, and more on the emotion and feel for the room. We’ll be capturing those morning-jitters, the laughs, the excitement and the people around you. We’ll be your own little hype team, bringing positive encouragement and to calm any nerves while making your group feel comfortable behind the camera.

When we feel confident that we’ve captured enough of the preparations, we’ll head on over to capture guests arriving at the venue or place of ceremony. This is when we usually get some empty venue shots, welcome drinks and set the scene before the ceremony. We try our best to remain promptual throughout the day, and ensure we’re where we need to be to capture every angle!


This is it.. the most important moment of the day. We’ll have venue shots in hand, guests arriving, friends and family reunited, arrival drinks and welcomes are in the bag. We’ll have communicated with the registrar and venue to ensure they understand your photo-preferences, and brief your guests upon arrival if needed.

We tend to stay fairly stationary during ceremonys, to remain as non-intrusive as possible, and to not block your guests view! We’ll capture intimate shots of the couple, your guests reactions, and everything in between! Towards the end of the ceremony and after the big kiss, we’ll work our way to the back of the venue, to get those lovely wide shots and to capture you both walking back down the isle (usually grinning from ear to ear!)

Arranged Shots & Allocated Time:

Phew! The ceremony is over and you’ve been congratulated by your lovely guests and entourage, we’ve taken some shots around the place of marriage, and captured the smiles and conversations with your guests. We’ll have a quick 10/15 minute break while you and your guests socialise and prepare to be stolen away for the important ‘arranged shots’. We’ll quickly and efficiently work through all of your arranged ‘family photos’ – this is usually the moment Ross goes into ‘public speaking mode’ and calls people for photographs as and when we need them. Once you’re both happy, and we’ve ticked off every combination on the list – we’ll steal you away for our allocated time.

This is when it will just be yourselves, and our team, capturing those beautiful editorial shots of the two of you. We will have no doubt scouted out a few spots around your venue at a prior visit, and will know exactly where to go! We can use this time for more experimental photography, such as double exposures or black and white more ‘creative’ shots.

Allowing an allocated slot for photographs, allow us to remain relaxed, and take our time to create beautiful shots. This has got to be our favourite part of the day; seeing a newly-wed couple alone for the first time, and to capture those conversations, the brief moment of peace away from the Wedding.


Now the fun starts! We’re confident we already have some amazing shots, and now’s the time to enjoy yourselves. We will have captured the venue before and after you’re welcomed into the room. From cake shots to table arrangements; we’ll continue to capture all of the moments and memories after your ceremony. Including the speeches, entertainment and general wedding shinnanigans!
We’ll usually float around the venue and capture lots of atmospheric, shots before the first dance, speeches and cake-cut. We try to capture all of the spontaneous moments you may not see in the moment! Once we’re confident we’ve captured everything and we’ve taken any evening shots such as sparklers or fireworks, we will leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening celebrating!

Engagement Shoots

Engagement shoots are perfect opportunities to see if my style is suitable for your big day and to get to know each other a little; and make wonderful images to go alongside your wedding shots, and can be used on invites and social media to get everyone excited! Like any other shoot of mine, you pick the location, what you want to wear, and what style of portraits you’d like. It’s a great way to get creative, and get comfortable working together.

Engagement Shoot

£ 240 .00

50% Deposit Taken

  • 1.5 Hours Shooting
  • A Personalised, Private Online Gallery of All Edited Images – No minimum or maximum shot count, you will receive all of the edited images
  • Ability to order prints, canvas’ (including metal and mounted prints) via Private Online Gallery
  • 2 x A4 or below prints of your choice
  • 10% voucher off any Wedding Package*

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*Discounts can not be used in conjunction with the ‘Newsletter sign-up’ promotion.

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If you’re getting married, and you’re reaching out for Wedding Photography, Videographer or a Photobooth rental, please be sure to include any venue details, addresses and day timings if possible.

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