We are Ross & Russ

We’re a Shropshire based Photographer Couple with over 16 years of Photography experience, specialising in Wedding Photography.

We’re both incredibly sociable people, and have somehow gained a bit of a reputation for being a comical double act, creating an ‘easy going environment’ during our Weddings together. Each wedding we photograph, we put ourselves in our clients shoes – and use our expectations as a benchmark, to always go above and beyond – delivering fantastic images with love, passion and soul.

A little bit about Ross..

I’m a “go-getter” with an unquenchable tenacity to learn and share my experiences with others.

On a personal note..

I’m a typical Cancer: emotional, caring and passionate. My love for people and doing the right thing runs throughout any wedding we photograph. I’m blessed to live with the love of my life, and together we’re working hard to create a future we’re proud of. I’m a charismatic and outgoing individual who enjoys travelling, socialising with friends and family, and being the change I want to see in the world.


I’m a Senior Digital Marketing Executive for one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies in the North West. Alongside wedding photography, I’ve worked my way up through the marketing ranks for Europe’s third-largest distributor of workplace supplies and solutions. I also have two other businesses: Elizabeth Leonard, a family-run e-commerce business specialising in artificial plants and home decor, and The Business Tea, dedicated to helping enable small businesses to reach their goals through digital marketing.

Co-Owner of R&R Photography, Ross Powell

How would I describe my style?

True to life, and documentary. Unlike other Photographers, I pride myself on my ability to align my style with both the expectations and desires of our clients, and also the environment we shoot in. For me, being a good photographer isn’t about having a booming social media presence, or having the most expensive equipment – it’s about taking amazing photos regardless of the light or environment. It’s all about being adaptable, staying incognito and subdued, but stepping up and taking control of larger groups or individuals when needed.

Together, Russ and I work extremely closely with our couples, ensuring that they are relaxed, and feel at ease when in front of the camera. We’re your personal cheerleaders, shoe tiers, tissue carriers, part-time comics and general wedding enthusiasts. Behind the cameras and lenses, we’re human beings who care about you and your big day.

Co-Owner of R&R Photography, Russ Opaleniks

A little bit about Russ..

I’m a free spirit who believes everything happens for a reason and life is too short to not have fun!

On a personal note..

I’m a tri-lingual, Latvian-born creative with a love for vintage art and design. I’ve been in the UK for 7 years now, and I’ve been happily partnered to Ross for 5 of those. I’m a “say-it-how-it-is”, real-talker with a wicked sense of humour. All my life I’ve been independent: some would say a typical Sagittarius. If I want something I work hard until I achieve it. I’m a headstrong free spirit and I love being spontaneous.


I have a strong background in customer service and hospitality, and alongside Wedding Photography, I work for one of the largest global recruitment agencies, sourcing talent for the most popular search engine in the world. I recruit for vacancies all across Europe, and I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and expertise. I’m a big believer in equality and diversity and love sharing my skills and experiences with others to help them achieve their goals.

How would I describe my style..

Creative, timeless, and sometimes vintage. I’ve always been a fan of film photography and I love how organic and natural the style is. Regardless of what I’m photographing, I always try to add a creative spin where possible. Ross and I have a really good balance when it comes to the style of our work, although our work is very consistent when held together, we very much have different styles of working. Ross tends to thrive when working with larger groups, and has impeccable timekeeping and organisational skills. For me, I thrive in capturing the details, and work better when I’m not constrained to time limits, and I’m allowed to full explore my creativity with a couple.

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We would absolutely love to be considered to photograph your wedding, and if you’re liking what you see so far, why not reach out to us to see if we have your date available?

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